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Special Delivery

Special Delivery


The tracking number stated that my mini chandeliers had been delivered yesterday to my front porch!  At 8pm last night I looked again…

Front porch, back porch, neighbor’s porch…  no packages.

This morning I pulled up the email to get the customer service phone number and there it was in black and white.  Delivered to my old house on Del Monte Avenue.

Panic set in..   The new owners have sprawled “return to sender” on everything they have received with my name on it- even though I left them my email and phone number in case of said scenario.

I had formed an opinion of “them” as being uncaring and hostile.

I gathered my courage, washed my face, threw on some clothes and got in my car- destination Del Monte Avenue- before I had a moment to change my mind.  I had not been back to my old house since I moved almost a year ago- not even to drive down the street- although I got a quick view in my peripheral vision when I would drive down Llagas Road before my new development created a street with more direct access.

Not even a quarter mile away yet worlds away…  I pulled up in front of the house and jumped out.  I had a handwritten note to leave just in case no one answered the door (which I expected).  It was only 8am and even though I’m usually awake for hours by then, the rest of the world sleeps in.

She answered the door, clad in a bathrobe, mascara smeared and hair in disarray.  She was so kind!  “Oh, they are in the garage!  Let me go and open it!”

In my imagination I walked with her through the sunlit entry and into my cheerful kitchen.  Past the breakfast nook and through the faithful laundry room.  I opened the garage door and then I met this stranger in the driveway.

And it was me.

I asked “Are you enjoying the house?”

She responded “Yes!  I’d love to ask you in but…”

Little did she know that I had already been inside.  And it was lovely.

I have done the grieving and I’m feeling quite content in my new home.  But this has been the graced moment that I have needed to complete my transition.

On this very beautiful Good Friday morning I have received a special delivery.

And I am finally delivered.

Big Shoes to Fill…

Big Shoes to Fill…

Camera ready!

Time to fess up..

I have three wonderful and delightful sons and I wouldn’t change that for the world!

And yes…

I have always wanted a daughter.

There came that moment in our early marriage when my husband and I asked ourselves. “Should we try for a girl?”  But after considerable thought and deliberation.  After acknowledging how blessed we were with three beautiful and healthy little boys.  We decided that our plate (and our joy) was full.

I consoled myself with these thoughts…

Someday there will be a little girl who needs me and I will have room in my life and in my heart for her.

Today I had the privilege of going wedding dress shopping with my beautiful niece, Sarah.  I felt so honored to be asked to spend this very special day with her.

Today she was that little girl who needed me.

Sarah’s mom, my sister in law and dear friend, Nancy, died of melanoma when Sarah was 22 years old.  She would have so enjoyed this eventful day with her daughter!  And perhaps I could have tagged along for Auntie support and fun and gossip!   The three of us would have laughed and cried and laughed some more.  Oh, what mischief we could have gotten into!

Today I had big shoes to fill.  But I was not alone. I know Nancy was there with us.

When Sarah stepped onto the platform with that beautiful wedding dress on an angel bent down and kissed her.  She was all aglow.

God works in mysterious ways.

Today Sarah, Nancy and I went wedding dress shopping together.