My Garden/Myself

My Garden/Myself

The rotting trellis groaning under the weight of the wisteria.  Bricks buckling and relinquishing control to healthy roots tapping deeply into dark recesses of nourishing loam.  Flowers willy nilly competing for sun, space and attention.  Prolific roses growing out of control, energy unharnessed.

My garden is a perfect reflection of the imperfect me.

I am the willy nilly flowers… not a good candidate for the five year plan.  Opportunities that arise out of nowhere allow me to move without restriction into another space with better light and nourishment.  Loosely planned pandemonium is more my style.

I am the boundless roses.  Not always perfectly groomed.  Still longing for straight hair and skinny legs but accepting myself for who I am at this point in my life.

I am the faithful trellis, succumbing to the weight of the thriving wisteria and the responsibilities of motherhood, friendship, citizenship and a significant relationship.  Continually holding up, supporting and affirming the just cause.

I am the winding, reaching, emancipated wisteria- roots extending downward into the rich soil, challenging the limiting parameters of the brick- displacing and rearranging them to accommodate new visions and fresh landscapes.



attention seeking









Someday I will sell this big house with its’ labor intensive back yard and the new inhabitants will snap their fingers and raze the bedlam to make room for the more modern hard-scape, built in BBQ, Jacuzzi tub and water-saving antiseptic nirvana.

Until then, I will revel in the peace and validation of my imperfect garden
and find forgiveness.


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  1. LOVE THIS! Wow! Well said. Such a wonderful metaphor that I never would have thought of but when you write it, it seems so obvious! Again, wow! For me, it was nice to be reminded that once we let go of the imperfections and need to control, we are better able to see the beauty all around us!

  2. Sooooo true! There is something so freeing about accepting the fact that you are not going to be anyone but who you are so like it or not.. love yourself and all your nooks and crannies and quirks!

  3. I read your reflection and found a perfect addition to your already burgeoning refrigerator door. It’s a Thomas Kinkade magnet that says: I am the true vine and my Father is the gardener. John 15:1
    I’ll bring it to you the next time I see you. Congrats on another great blog.

  4. My sister…my friend…go to your garden and find your peace…here’s an idea…try yoga in your garden…what a conundrum!

    • My brother, my friend… when I become famous you will be sorry that you make such fun of me!
      Who do I sound like??

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